Windows 8 New Price List Announced

From the launch of Windows 8 in October, Microsoft was offering Windows 8 at a discounted price for existing windows users. The introductory discount period was till 31st January and now Microsoft has announced the new price list fro different versions of Windows 8. If you are one of the users who haven’t upgraded to new OS and are now planning to do so, you will surely have to think twice before stepping ahead as the prices of the respective version of the Windows 8 have been hiked to around 5 times the offer price.

During the promotional period, the Windows 8 Pro pack costed around 40$ but now you will have to loosen your pocket by 200$ to get a licensed copy of the same. The basic version of the Windows 8 can be purchased to 119.99$ from the Microsoft website and a media center pack is available at 10$.

windows 8 latest price

Windows 8 New Price List :

Windows 8 PRO Upgrade edition : $199.99

(For the users who are already using Windows XP. Vista 0r 7 who want to upgrade to Wondows 8 PRO Pack )

Windows 8 upgrade edition: $119.99
(For Windows 7, Vista and XP users who want Windows 8 basic Edition.)

Windows 8 Pro Pack: $99.99
This is for the users who have Windows 8 Basic Edition.

Windows 8 Media Center Pack: $9.99
It is an upgrade addon for those who already have Windows 8 PRO.

The rocketing increase in the pricing of the Windows 8 shows that the company is quite confident about the sale of the new operating system after already selling 6 million copies. Personally I feel that the just upgrading to a new OS Microsoft is charging a bit too much even after some reviews tell that the Windows terribly confusing. The upgrade price of the Windows 8 in my opinion should have been at 100$ as the users have already paid to the company for a fresh copy of any version OS.

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