Would you like to have a transparent phone ?

With the release of great phones like Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Glaxy Note 2, what do you think is the future of smartphones ?

The mobile phone revolution has taken the world by storm and if the modern age could be labelled something, the Phone Era might be the most appropriate tag.

Well, here is a news for you. Taiwanese manufacturer Polytron Technologies has just released their first prototype of the world’s first transparent smartphone that might be out by the end of this year. The phone isn’t entirely ‘invisible’; some of the inner-workings of the phone can still be seen, like the sim card and battery.

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The concept of transparent phones is not really new, but such phones have only existed as concept devices and near total transparency was never reached even in the concept designs. However, if Polytron has its way, we will soon see a host of people using transparent phones. As a mateer of fact you might have seen Tony Stark from Iron Man 2 playing with a transparent phone.

You people might have seen a lot of concept phones around the Internet. These phones looks really cool. But one will have to wait a few more years to experience these phones first hand.


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