Top 10 Softwares to Crack RAR Passwords

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The .RAR extensions are the best to upload anything to server make it go online. With the use of these extension you can easily save a hell lot of disk space but is this only reason that most of the files online out there are come with this extension ??   If you think yes, then you are surely unaware of content protecting capability of these files with the help of passwords. Most of the cracked games, songs and other media files come encrypted in .rar extension, we waste 2-3 hours downloading our favorite games, softwares but end up revealing that these are password protected for which you have either complete some sort of surveys or other shitty tasks. Now that’s damn irritating isn’t it ???

To save you from such awkward moments here we have compiled a list of best softwares which can easily break the password of these files and you can have the access to their contents.


RAR Password Cracker

The primary way of the software to crack the password through the brute-force attack and if that does not work it performs wordlist or dictionary methods. Well till now people the feedback about the app has been in favor of it.

Parallel Password Recovery

Capable of even cracking the password with 128 characters, the software provides the best way to access any content in .rar files, office suite and databases.

cRaRk 3.4e

A completely free tool to use, the software is available for Mac, Linux and Windows and is one of the fastest way to recover any passwords from the encrypted files.

Rar Password unlocker

It does not matter that how long RAR password has been set, or how complex it. When you have RAR Password Unlocker, you should not worry about the password protected RAR files. You can crack them with single click.

Rar Password Recover v1.1

Being one of the fastest tool to break the long and complex passwords, this software is available on any of the file sharing sites quite easily. This app can crack the passwords at the speed of 3000 per second in the Brute Force mode and 22000 passwords per second in Boost Up mode.

Atomic RAR Password Recovery

The atomic password recovery is available in two versions, the trial one and the paid one. The trial version can break passwords of only 3 characters whereas the paid version can break password of any amount of complexity.

RAR Password recovery Magic

This software also uses the dictionary and brute-force attacks. It is capable of cracking long passwords. You need to just initiate the process, then it keeps running in background and performs its work.

Advanced Archived Password Recovery

If you have this software on your device installed you don’t need to worry about the passwords of the .RAR files as it is capable of breaking any type of passwords and of big lengths as well.

RAR Password Recovery 5.0

This is one of the most popular application to break the rar passwords because of it’s speed and accuracy. To crack any of the password protected rar files it uses the brute-force attack, dictionary attack and advanced brute force attack mode.

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