Top 10 Apps for Windows 8 PC

Windows 8 is the latest Operating system that Microsoft offers. Unveiled in October 2012, the new OS has been seen as the next step to the continuing success of Windows Series of operating systems, one new feature which users have professed to use very enjoyably are the new applications that are available from Microsoft. Today we’ll look at the top 10 apps for windows 8 PC that users have described to be the most helpful.

 Top 10 Apps for Windows 8 PC

1- Skype
Ever since Microsoft’s 8.4 Billion Dollar acquisition of Skype has taken place; Skype’s popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. With 663 Million registered user at the end of 2012, Skype is by far the most popular Voice over Internet Protocol service. It can be thought of as an application that is a telecommunication company of the future.

Windows 8 apps

2. Dropbox
Dropbox is an application which allows its users to enjoy the benefits of Cloud storage space. Though the cloud storage space is a relatively new technology it’s growing in popularity day by day. It allows a user to save his files online and access them anytime from any system with a Dropbox app, Hence, its utility for people who are on the move constantly or those who desire that extra bit of space for their important files can be evidently seen.

3. Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader is one app whose utility cannot be denied by anyone. This app ensures that Microsoft 8 users don’t have to face any problems pertaining to dealing with files which have a .PDF format. This App can be thought of as a bare essential for all those who work in offices and in the cooperate world due to the growing importance of .PDF files in the world today

4. Twitter
With 140 Million active users, Twitter has emerged to be one of the most popular social networking websites in the world. The introduction of this app has made it pointless to use the application through third party clients and with the collage like display, Twitter deserves to be in the top ten list apps used for Microsoft Windows 8 systems.

5. Netflix
Netflix is an application which allows users to see their favorite shows and movies online. They have to pay a certain amount to access them but its utility is evidently in the fact that it can be accessed from all systems at any point of time in the day. Netflix also gives the user a platform to stay in touch more easily with the world of entertainment

6. Fhotoroom
Fhotoroom is an award winning application that has given the freedom of picture editing to Windows 8 users. Fhotoroom is a versatile app and its versatility has earned it many positive customer reviews and also has helped it gain popularity amongst those of us who are intrigued by photo editing.

7. Evernote
Evernote has emerged as one of the most popular application amongst those of us who have a habit of organizing stuff on each level. This application allows a user to set reminders and put up notes for suitable tasks. Evernote is a great way for us to increase our efficiency levels.

8. Sketchbook Express
Sketchbook Express can be thought of the next generation MS Paint. With the features like having up to 6 layers in drawings and the ability to easily import pictures, Sketchbook is a very powerful app for all those who have an artistic side to them.

9. Ministry of Sound
Ministry of sound is a must have for all those clubbers who wish to have access to the best Music sessions. With prerecorded sessions from the top DJs and Musicians in the application, this one is bound for real success.

10. Pepperplate

Pepperplate is one app which has a lot of utility in our day to day life. From planning Candlelight dinners for two to managing parties for a dozen people, this app gives all the help one needs with regards to the menu and cooking for the people. Pepperplate can be thought of an app from the future as it can revolutionize cook books for the times to come.

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