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For using antivirus software, it is important to understand the need of antivirus software. Often you come across situations when your PC or laptop does not work to its full efficiency. This might be due to the resident virus in it. There are various types of virus everywhere and there is no chance that your PC will be safe from virus attack. To get rid of such virus from your system and to regain its efficiency, all you need to do is to install antivirus software. The major question however is to choose a suitable antivirus which can minimize effects of virus on your system.

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The top 10 antivirus software available in the market today are:

1. Ad ware free internet security: Internet is the major source of virus because it is a platform where you interact with other systems from all around the world. Thus a proper internet security is vital to any system and it acts as a shield to the entire virus entering your system from the outside world. Ad ware is one popular antivirus and is widely used for home usage. It is a freeware available on internet which can be easily downloaded to your system.


2.  AVG antivirus: Freely available on the internet, AVG is a good choice for home PC users. It gives you the facility to scan and remove the viruses from your system. Regular scans are automatically started by the software and removal also takes place automatically.


3. Microsoft security essentials: If you own a small business of up to ten members, MSE is a good choice for you. It is also the most obvious choice for licensed version users of Microsoft. It is suitable for both home and office usage.


4. Panda cloud antivirus: It is based on the latest cloud technology. As soon as you install it, it scans your PC and checks for the antivirus removal program against a huge cloud database. The most amazing feature of it is that it requires no updates.


5. Avast 6.0: Avast has been in the market for decades now! It always keeps improving itself and has now come up with a new improvement namely the Avast 6.0. The new Avast scans through a huge database involving a larger number of virus files to help you better protection.


6. Norton internet security: Norton is one of the oldest manufacturers of antivirus. The earliest antivirus contained only a few files but now the software is much complex.


7. Kaspersky antivirus: Downloaded and installed for free, Kaspersky is one top notch antivirus that has been best rated by its users. It provides various customized services and its full version is also free available over the internet.


8. Avira internet security: Very much like its competitors, Avira also provides similar services and ends all your virus related problems giving your computer its lost efficiency.


9. McAfee antivirus: With only minor differences in its structure, McAfee is trying to make a name for itself in the market with its huge database.

10. Windows defender: It a pre-installed antivirus available with the windows that scans your PC on a regular time interval.

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  1. Sushain says:

    I have been a user of Avast for the last three years, and so far my PC has been safe from viruses. But the only problem i suffer is that of slow system speed.
    Anyways, this is a great list. Thanks for compiling and sharing.

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