Top 10 Android apps for Valentine’s Day

As we step into the month of February love starts flowing in air and most of the love birds all over the world get on their toes eagerly waiting for the Valentine’s day. The world has taken a big leap in terms of technology and gadgets  and so have the methods of expressing love on the most sacred day of the lovers. If you are in a relationship already then you must have already started preparing for Feb 14 consulting magazines, deciding most romantic movie etc, so to assist you we have here compiled a list of some awesome apps that will help you make the day memorable for your loved on this Valentine’s day.

Love Messages 

Short messaging service or the sms as we call have become integral part of the today’s youth, what can be better idea than to send most romantic love messages to your partner the whole valentine week. But where to find a hell lot of these messages, here the app comes to your help to this task, it has a variety of messages s like “Let’s commit the perfect crime, I’ll steal your heart, and you steal mine” or “From A to Z all that really matters is U and I” would certainly make your lover’s heart smile.

Love messages

Droid Sky View

Gazing stars in a quiet place  is the most romantic thing done by the lovers I suppose. Do you love that too ?? But not able to find place where you can be alone with your partner, no problem Droid Sky View enables you to take a close view of the stars and sky even without a telescope.  Droid Sky View (Star Map) lets you not only look at the positions of the stars in the present but also travel back in time by selecting your own date, such as your birthday or your partner’s. Using the app, you can see stars, constellations, messier objects, planets, and meteor showers, and even put names to them. The app is available for free from the Google Play Store.

Droid sky view



Like most of the couples, some duos out there will not be physically present with each on this special day and chatting on Facebook or even a video chat would be a bit boring isn’t it ??  Now  Between will surely try to add some spice to the far off lovers on the Feb 14. ou to do so. Between is designed for couples to share events and memories with each other. It is also an exclusive medium for the couple to communicate with each other through chatting. Events and tasks can also be created so that the couple can be reminded of special events, this app can be downloaded free from google play store.


Love Poems 

Poems have been the best way of expressing feelings since ages and applies in this era too but everyone does not have time and talent to write a poem for his girl, so what to do now !! Now what’s the use of the 5″ device in your hand termed as smartphone .. :).  The Love Poems app will provide you thousands of poems written by others( but yeah you  don’t have to reveal that secret .. :p).

Love poems

OkCupid Dating 

Still looking around the streets for someone that could be your special one. Perhaps you should stop doing date and make use of the okCupid Dating app. There are the usual fields for personal info/details and several slots for self-description that ca be publicly visible or not depending on your choice, just answer the questions and app finds the best match for you automatically among the persons using the app.

Okcupid dating


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Angela’s Valentine

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Movies by Flixster

Flirty Pick Up lines

Open Table

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