The top 10 android games for 2013

With the number of cheap android phones that have come up in the market, android is becoming one of the most popular phone OS in the market. People are using several applications on it. No matter what your age or sex is, it has been observed that video games are loved by everyone. Seeing this popularity, people have been developing android gaming applications for a decade now. In 2013, the developers have come up with some of the most fascinating gaming applications. So if you are one such crazy lad who loves gaming, this could be your golden opportunity to learn about the top 10 android games for 2013.

Top 10 android games of 2013 are as follows:

  1. Candy crush saga: This is one of the many popular games on Face book which is loved by a lot of people. Very much similar to bejeweled, the objective of the game is to keep aligning similar candies which leads to crushing them. Swap your fingers across the candies to join the similar ones.
  2. Paper toss 2.0: Similar to its previous version, the objective of the game remains the same. All you need to do is swap your fingers in the direction where you wish the paper should go. However there might be certain distraction like the wind. So you have to be well aware of them.
  3. CSR racing: Yet a popular racing game, the visual effects of the game is quite compelling. The goal of the game is very much similar to any of the racing game goals.
  4. Bejeweled blitz: This is just an improved version of Bejeweled. The only difference is that you will be provided a time limit in which you have to accomplish the said goal. The time limit factor gives it a more thrill effect.
  5. Mine craft pocket addition: Very much similar to the original mine craft game; the mine craft pocket addition also has the same feature of moving blocks to build productive buildings etc. The game operates in two modes: the creative mode and the survival mode. Both the modes have their own rules and regulations.
  6. Zombie frontier: The game is based on the popular T virus invasion on the human race which turns them into zombies. The objective of the game is survival of the player.
  7. Mega run: Similar to the mega jump, mega run has similar objective and theme. So if you are in love with the mega jump, you will definitely love mega run.
  8. Ice rage: The game is based on playing ice hockey. So if you are a sports freak, the game will definitely be of your interest.
  9. Coin dozer: A very popular arcade game, the objective is to push as many coins in the box as possible.
  10. Angry birds’ friends: The original angry birds’ game has gathered much hype in the gaming world. The angry birds’ friend is based on the similar theme and is ready to woo the android users.

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