Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update

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For those of you waiting for a Jelly Bean update on their Galaxy S2, we have a good news for as the Samsung has been rolling out the Jelly Bean for your device. We should not forget that the Galaxy S2 was the first device which actually made Samsung go up from the local manufacturer in mobile market and compete the giant like Apple. So providing the JB update to the device shows that the Korean manufacturers have not put aside their first step of success.

Providing the Jelly Bean update to the device cannot be just considered as their love for the device as it as the Dual-Core CP, 4.3  in Super AMOELD display accompanied by 1 GB RAM which is more than enough for this version of the Android quite smoothly. The update roll out has been gradual one starting from international S@ version in January than another update release for the south Korean version. The Galaxy S2’s in Canada joined the Jelly Bean league towards the end of Feb and now the updates have been spotted for the UK S2 owners .

galaxy s2 android 4.1.2

Most of the reports suggest that the Android 4.1.2 software updates are available through KIES, but before tangling up your device with your computer you might want to take a look to if the updates are available  through air. The Jelly Bean update is surely gonna be quite massive so before you start with your celebration make sure you have a good amount of hard disk space free and the smartphone is fully charged. The Jelly bean on your device will making huge turnovers to what you have been accustomed till now, huge UI changes some new apps, bug fixes and goodies like Google now,Pop-up Play, Direct Call etc.

So guys get ready for a totally new experience and get your devices updates as soon as possible. For any queries you can comment on our comment section…

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