PS 4 Release Date, Rumors and Price

After a very long wait, finally we will get hands-on the new gaming console by Sony. Yeah…!! the successor of the PS 3 is all set make it’s place in the shelves of gadget stores. The new Play Station will be unveiled by Sony in a press conference on 20th Feb 2013, thus taking world to a next level of gaming. According to some trusted news sources, the PS 4 can also be launched with the name of “Orbis“. Whatever the company calls is the least that matters us, instead we are interested in the hardware and software part of the new gaming devil. So ahead we discuss some important aspects of Play Station 4

Play station 4

PS 4 Rumored Specs

The Orbis or as we call it the PS 4 is rumored to run on 4x Dual-Core AMD64 “Bulldozer” with 8 GB RAM for all the needs of the high end games. Those chips aren’t even the best that AMD currently has to offer – so by the time the PS4 goes on sale it would be woefully lacking in power compared to the latest AMD tech, let alone the most advanced chips from Nvidia and Intel. The console boasts graphics processor AMD R10xx with 2.2GB of VRAM and  2.5in 160 GB SATA HDD( most likely in the developer version but the retail version night come with something else packed in box for users). These much spec we have been able to get into our hands till now but most these look outdated and the actual truth can only be stated as the Sony Unveils new PS. Again if some others are to be believed, s, Sony is attempting to get 4K gaming out the door with the PS4, along with full HD 1080p 3D gaming for the first time.

PS 4 Release Date

The PS 4 release was earlier was rumored for Christmas but now as we have the official confirmation the Play Station 4 will be launched in launch event on 20th feb at 6:00 pm EST.

PS 4 Pricing

As no official news has been caught from Sony about the gaming console so the pricing remains under the curtain as well , but we expect the pricing anywhere to be from $500 – $800.

Crazy for the new PS 4. Stay tuned to for latest updates on PS 4 ….

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