How to create a confession page on Facebook

How to create a confession page on Facebook | How to make a confession page

If you are active on Facebook, then you might be aware that a lot of confession pages are being created these days.

Confession pages are being created for colleges, schools, offices etc. A lot of confessions are also being made.

make a confession page on fb

So if you to want to make a confession page for your school or college, then today’s post is for you.

Here are the steps to create a confession page on Facebook :

Create a confession page on Facebook

  1. Simply log in to your facebook account and click on “Create Page”
  2. Select “Cause or Community” and name your Confession Page. Eg. IIT Confession page or whatever.
  3. Add some cover photo and picture for your page. It is suggested to use your school/college logo.
  4. In the About tab, write a short description of your page and add the link to your form(Steps to create the link given Below)
  5. Your Facebook Page is Ready. Now we need the link to the form.

Create a confession form with the help of Google Docs.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Create” and select “Form”.
  3. Now choose desired theme and Complete the form.
  4. Click on “Add Item” and Select “Paragraph Text”.
  5. Customize the blank fields and save. Now click on “View Live Form”
  6. A new tab containing your form will open up. This is the form, from where people will make their confessions. Copy the URL and shorten it using any Link Shortner like or
  7. Add this shortened link to the “About” section of your Facebook page.

Make sure that while editing the form, set your Response Destination from the Response Menu. Select “New Spreadsheet” and type the Form name and create. Now, you will see a new file in your Google doc. Every time someone fill the form, you will get the message stored in that file.

That’s it. Now you have successfully created a confession page.

Now people can make their confessions via the form, and you can copy them from the spreadsheet and post them to the confession page.

So when are you creating a confession page ? Do let us know if you find any difficulties. We are always here to help you.

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  1. dhavak says:

    while making a confessions page can the admin see who confessed ?

  2. dhavak says:

    how does the admin request people to join without disclosing who he is ?

  3. bhupesh says:

    bro need ur cntact no. cofession page bnana hai ban nahi rha… ek baar chck krke bta skte ho kya dikaat aaa rhi hai

  4. Shephali says:

    Thanks :)

  5. pd says:

    Is there any way to find out the admin of a confession page?

  6. Anjana says:

    Can any one find out who is the name of the admin of any confessions page using the computer Ip adress of the admin? ???

  7. anuj says:

    i made my cofession page but the messages are not coming on confession page directly and copying from google docx is not working out

  8. rupal says:

    can anyone find out who confessed

  9. sunny nagarwal says:

    while posting the confession on fb by copy-paste,how the confession #12 occurs?

  10. suleman says:

    How can I automate the posting from google docs to the facebook fan page.Can you help me with that.Please

  11. nb says:

    can admin edit the post & then display it?????????

  12. nishant says:

    Can’t be confession direct post to the fb without copy and past through the spreadsheet by admin instantly?

  13. ashok says:

    while creating a confession page i came across untittled questions wat about it???

  14. Anur says:

    I made a confession page. But when my frnds are searching for the page in fb its showing “no results found”. Tell me wat is wrong with it?


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