Best Cloud Photo Storage

Best Cloud Photo Storage

Cloud storage is a new cutting edge way to never lose anything ever again. It is a relatively new technology where all the data of a user can be saved on the internet. It’s a way of storing your data online to a service and accessing it anywhere. Although, the concept has been around for […]

Top 10 Cloud Storage

Cloud computing concept with copy space

Cloud storage is slowly becoming a big thing in the world of data sharing and back up. Although the concept of cloud computing has been around since the 60s, Low bandwidths available to the masses never really made it commercially viable. Now with the rapid increase in the bandwidths available, many companies are coming out […]

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage

cloud storage

While the term “cloud storage” sounds like it has something to do with the weather or storms or something of a natural nature think again. Cloud storage is a new cutting edge way to never lose anything ever again! It is a relatively new technology where all the data of a user can be saved […]

The top 10 android games for 2013

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With the number of cheap android phones that have come up in the market, android is becoming one of the most popular phone OS in the market. People are using several applications on it. No matter what your age or sex is, it has been observed that video games are loved by everyone. Seeing this […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Specs


The Microsoft Surface Pro Specs is impressive as Microsoft launches its new hybrid laptop/tablet product. The 74 Billion Dollar annual turnover company has unleashed this product in the consumer markets around the world. We strongly believe that this product will even some scores with competitors after Microsoft’s dismal performance in this sector in the Past. […]

Top 10 video games 2013


Welcome to 2013! It is already the mid of the year and many new games have already knocked the door. For PS3 lovers, the year is going to bring in a lot of fun with the new adventurous games released. We have listed out the best games of 2013 released so far! 1. NI NO […]

Top 10 android applications 2013


Developers are introducing new applications every day and with such a large number of varieties, a naïve user can easily be puzzled about which applications to use and which not too. Many users tend to download a number of applications which increases the memory load on their usage. Thus it is often advisable to limit […]

How can you boost your business via classified ads?


It’s all about the internet world The World Wide Web has modified more than just the way that individuals these days connect. Much more with trying to discover something from more of the products, solutions, jobs even individuals. Publishing free ads online made it more readily found anything that you elegant. Why does internet promotion […]

Internet Download Manager Licences Giveaway and Review

Internet Download Manager

As the average speed of the Internet is going up, so the volume of downloads each day across the globe has also increased. Everyday we download lot of items like movies, softwares, music etc from internet and so in this case the download managers become very important for us. The internet connection that has been […]

Top 10 Accessories for Galaxy S4


Since the Galaxy S4 has been launched it has been the most hot topic in technological arena, people have been constantly writing about the features, apps etc about the device. The next big thing from the Samsung actually quite big enough and is quite keen to take the roots of the iPhone off the market. The […]