Microsoft Surface Pro Specs


The Microsoft Surface Pro Specs is impressive as Microsoft launches its new hybrid laptop/tablet product. The 74 Billion Dollar annual turnover company has unleashed this product in the consumer markets around the world. We strongly believe that this product will even some scores with competitors after Microsoft’s dismal performance in this sector in the Past. […]

Top 10 android applications 2013


Developers are introducing new applications every day and with such a large number of varieties, a naïve user can easily be puzzled about which applications to use and which not too. Many users tend to download a number of applications which increases the memory load on their usage. Thus it is often advisable to limit […]

Nokia Lumia 720: A Closer Look

lumia 720

Attention to Nokia is once again being channelled by way of its new mid-range Lumia 720, being nothing more than a fresh take on the much seen merger of the typical popular uses in a phone, like social networking, picture and video capturing all encompassed in a good exterior. These entire features slam jammed craftily […]

Top 10 Accessories for Galaxy S4


Since the Galaxy S4 has been launched it has been the most hot topic in technological arena, people have been constantly writing about the features, apps etc about the device. The next big thing from the Samsung actually quite big enough and is quite keen to take the roots of the iPhone off the market. The […]

Sony Xperia SP specs and review

xperia sp

Sony Xperia SP specs and review | Sony Xperia SP release date in India | Sony Xperia SP price in India Sony has just pushed two new cellphones in the market- Sony Xperia L and Sony Xperia SP. In this post we are going to discuss the specs and price of Sony Xperia SP. Sony has put a respectable […]

Sony Xperia L specs and review


Sony Xperia L specs and review | Sony Xperia L release date in India | Sony Xperia L price in India Sony has just pushed two new cellphones in the market- Sony Xperia L and Sony Xperia SP. So in today’s post we will be talking about Sony Xperia l. The phone is running on android 4.1 Jelly Bean with processor […]

Best Dual SIM Android phones

sony xperia tipo apps

Best Dual SIM Android phones | Top 5  Dual SIM Android phones We have written articles about Top 10 Android phones of  2013 and  Top 10 Android launchers 2013. But many people prefer using Dual SIM phones. So in today’s post we will be covering the top Dual SIM Android phones. Here is the list of  Top 5  Dual […]

XOLO X1000 : The world’s fastest smartphone

xolo x1000 flipkart

XOLO X1000 : The world’s fastest smartphone While we were busy with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4, Xolo has come out with the world’s fastest smartphone aka XOLO X1000. XOLO X1000 is the successor to the XOLO X900. X1000 is the third handset from Xolo, that has Intel inside. You may not aware of […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs HTC 1 – Which One to buy ??


After the official launch of the new flagship device from Samsung the war between the high end smartphones of different companies has been waged once again. Prior to the launch of the Galaxy S4 we have seen the launch of different powerful smartphones from LG, Sony, HTC etc and so the comparison between all these […]

Would you like to have a transparent phone ?

buy transparent phone

With the release of great phones like Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Glaxy Note 2, what do you think is the future of smartphones ? The mobile phone revolution has taken the world by storm and if the modern age could be labelled something, the Phone Era might be the most appropriate tag. Well, here […]