Best Cloud Photo Storage

Cloud storage is a new cutting edge way to never lose anything ever again. It is a relatively new technology where all the data of a user can be saved on the internet. It’s a way of storing your data online to a service and accessing it anywhere. Although, the concept has been around for quite a while, it’s truly been put into use by the masses by introduction of higher internet bandwidth speeds which enable users to access bigger files faster. A huge range of people around the world can benefit from Cloud Storage. This may include students who need to store important assignments or notes which cannot be lost at any cost or Business who have used up all available space in their PCs and it’s not economical to use a larger Hard Drive. One particular type of people who would benefit from this is the Photographers.

On the move and always ready to click a few snaps, the modern day photographer has managed to solve much of his problems by acquiring memory cards which enable him to store a huge capacity of photos. However, with time the archive grows and the user faces a problem as to how to manage it effectively. The user may choose to delete some pictures but if that is unacceptable, Cloud Storage is an effective method for him to store his data. We’ll know proceed to take a look at a few cloud storages that are available to us.

Best Cloud Photo Storage:

1 Flickr

With 51 registered users and 80 million visitors, it’s safe to say Flicker is very popular amongst internet users. This Unique cloud storage application offers a multitude of options to its users from simple uploading pictures and organizing them in albums to geo tagging and looking at statistics.  Flickr offers a 300 Mb Monthly upload limit to its free account users with an individual file size limit of 30 Mb. This comes with an option to upload up to 2 videos in a month. One can also use a premium account for 24.95$ in which the user can access unlimited storage. The more different feature of Flickr in lieu of other Cloud Storages is its versatile social networking network that is on offer. This really makes it a good option for its users despite the fact a few improvements can be made.

Best Cloud Photo Storage

2 PhotoBucket

The figure of 10 billion hosted pictures says it all. PhotoBucket is one the premium services available on the net. With a sign up form as easy as signing up for Facebook or twitter and a pretty decent social networking option on offer, we can call this app as user friendly and exciting. PhotoBucket offers unlimited storage at 24.95$ which is in line with process offered by its other competitors too. It’s free service has its limits though with individual file size limit to be 5 Mb only but that can be compensated to the fact that the free account gives one a 10 Gb Space as well. So we can say that PhotoBucket should be considered by all those who wish to set up an online photography gallery using cloud storage.

3 Snapfish

Equipped with a simple user interface and armed with the power of allowing its users to have unlimited space, Snapfish has succeeded in attracting millions of users from amateur photographers to professional ones. It also offers the option of editing online to its users which give it an edge over its competitors. Snapfish also gives the option to re-download images in high definition so one can always reedit a certain picture to perfection. One unique feature is that users can order prints sitting home and collect them from nearby Costco stores. The bad point about it offers a mere 5 Mb individual file size and users must get one picture printed annually to avoid their accounts from being shut down.

So it’s hard to separate the best and worst of the cloud storage options available to one who wishes to pursue them for storing and showing pictures online, the decision to choose any of these services lies with the user ultimately and that is where we will leave you.

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