The top 10 android games for 2013

subway surfers

With the number of cheap android phones that have come up in the market, android is becoming one of the most popular phone OS in the market. People are using several applications on it. No matter what your age or sex is, it has been observed that video games are loved by everyone. Seeing this […]

Top 10 video games 2013


Welcome to 2013! It is already the mid of the year and many new games have already knocked the door. For PS3 lovers, the year is going to bring in a lot of fun with the new adventurous games released. We have listed out the best games of 2013 released so far! 1. NI NO […]

Top 10 android applications 2013


Developers are introducing new applications every day and with such a large number of varieties, a naïve user can easily be puzzled about which applications to use and which not too. Many users tend to download a number of applications which increases the memory load on their usage. Thus it is often advisable to limit […]

Top 10 free software download sites 2013


When you start searching a website for free software download, you are very likely to come across various scams. Though many websites may provide you with the facility of downloading free software but most of them will only provide you with a trail version i.e. without the security key. It might be inconvenient in most […]

Top 10 antivirus software 2013

top 5 windows 8 antivirus

For using antivirus software, it is important to understand the need of antivirus software. Often you come across situations when your PC or laptop does not work to its full efficiency. This might be due to the resident virus in it. There are various types of virus everywhere and there is no chance that your […]

How to Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Video

This step-by-step guide illustrates how to convert a PowerPoint slide-show into video so you can distribute presentations more easily: 1. You can upload PowerPoint videos to YouTube, Facebook, etc.    and some of your creations could go viral. 2. You can transer PowerPoint slides to an iPod or a mobile phone and enjoy the presentations […]

How to speed up your Chrome browser ?


How to speed up your Chrome browser ? Is your browser too slow ? If yes, then here is the solution. Before stepping ahead you may have question Why should we clean chrome ? Not only chrome every browser will store lot of information like caches, cookies, web history and lots of junk data in […]

5 tips to increase your iPhone’s battery life


5 tips to increase your iPhone’s battery life The biggest problem with smartphones is that they run out of battery life in no time. So in today’s post we have come up with few tips which will help you to improve your iPhone’s battery life. Here we go : 1. Location Services The GPS function […]

How to change background image of LockScreen in Windows 8?


The new Lock Screen  is one of new features of  Windows 8. It can be said that the new look of  Lock screen is something resembling  Smartphones, after all this is one of the main reason for Microsoft to introduce its new windows 8 platform. The lock screen gives you quick access to the battery status of your […]

Play Subway Surfers on PC for Windows 8/7/xp/vista


As the Android is getting popular each passing day, so the count of the apps downloaded from each store is also increasing. Games form the major parts of these, and there have been games in the play store like Temple Run 2, Asphalt 6 etc. which are quite popular in the this category. Subway Surfers has been the […]